Rumor Has It...

Rumor was that Monica and newlywed baskeballer husband Shannon Brown was expecting a new addition to their three kid brood. But, it is not true.

Monica has never made any qualms about having more babies. The girl next door loves being a mom and wife, but thinks they're just fine with the kids they have now and are not planning to add to the family. At least not yet....

When asked if she and Shannon wanted more kids, she replied:

“Absolutely. I’m young, he’s young and we want to have that between the two of us. Right now we are enjoying the three that we have blended together.”

So where did the baby buzz come from? The rumor started when Monica appeared at the ASCAP Rhythm & Soul 3rd Annual “Women Behind the Music” event where some thought she was concealing a baby bump.

Now that the rumor is cleared, her next album, “New Life,” is due out Feb. 21. Let's move on.