Damzel's Spring Green Jelly Pedi

I had the most interesting thing happen to me this weekend. I went to The Post Spot and experienced their new Spring Green Jelly Pedi. What is a green jelly pedicure? Well I asked the same question.

When I arrived, I was greeted by Michelle, the nail tech who took great care to make me feel comfortable and at home at The Posh Spot. She knew I was coming so she already had my foot bath warm and ready when I approached my chair. I love the chairs because they aren't battery operated to pound and shake me by the press of a button.

Anyways, back to my pedicure...I immerse my feet in this solution of green 'stuff' that looked and felt a lot like a warm and green version of applesauce. But surprisingly enough, it felt good on my skin and between my toes. Actually the green jelly is an aloe vera soak that allows my feet to experience relief from any stress and aches. I just started working out and it can truly tire my joints and feet to a point where a soothing aromatic soak is just what I need.
***Note: these are not my feet.

So Michelle instructs me to soak in the jelly and I relax while watching a movie and occasionally joining in on really juicy salon talk. So after my hour-long Spring Green Jelly Pedi (ask for it!), I had my Posh Essentials Manicure that massaged my hands and buffed my nails to an armor-oil-esque shine. Relaxed and pampered with a really cute set of fingers and toes, I was on my merry way to enjoy the rest of my day.

If you're looking to step up your mani and pedi regimen, give the ladies at The Posh Spot a call to make your appointment. They're located in the posh Vinings neighborhood and have a really warm staff available to pamper you. And The Posh Spot isn't just about nails. I've gotten amazing facials there and they also offer soothing and therapeutic massages too. You can actually make it a day at The Posh Spot and step out a renewed you.