Gabrielle Union Gets Banned From Courtside Seating at NBA Games

While on a promotional tour of the talk shows, Gabrielle Union stopped by the Conan O'Brien show and got on the subject of how she got kicked out of court-side seating while rooting for her NBA sweetie Duane Wade.

A bit of a baller herself, Gabrielle knows the game and is a well known heckler during the game.

"I'm bad. A, I don't sit courtside, that got killed when I became as vocal," Union said.

"He said we're gonna need you a few rows back 'cause I can hear everything," Gabrielle explained to O'Brien.

"I'm like dance mom. … I've become like Bobby Knight...I scream like 'brick!' and 'air ball!'" she said.

So when asked if she heckles Duane, she's doesn't let love get in the way of a good game. "Oh sure, I feel like who's gonna tell him if not me?"

Above all else, Gabrielle enjoys heckling players on opposing teams, and particularly the officials, including a rather famous 72-year-old referee.

"Recently, like maybe last week, there was an older ref, perhaps it was Dick Bavetta, and I said 'you'll get your Viagra if you just make a call,'" Union said.

Think Like A Man opens in theaters everywhere today.

Gabrielle Union and Jerry Ferrara


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