The Waffle Palace Returns to Horizon Theatre and Santaland Opens Friday

 The Waffle Palace is back at the Horizon Theatre for another run starting January 11, 2013

From births to marriages to police chases and lottery wins, anything can happen at 3 AM in the Waffle Palace. Inspired by amazing real life events at Waffle House restaurants, Larson and Lee let loose with this roller coaster of humor, music, and imagination in which John Picket and his multi-racial staff battle to keep their Midtown diner open against heavy odds. The Waffle Palace: where everyone is welcome and the only unforgivable sins are throwing waffles and under-tipping.
The Waffle Palace: Smothered, Covered and Scattered 24/7/365 will have an open run begining January 11th. Show times will be on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays at 8pm; Saturdays at 8:30pm and Sundays at 5pm. Tickets start at $20.
Visit the box office at 404-584-7450 and online at


Haven’t figured out how to occupy your family this weekend? Well does Crumpet have a gift for you!

Wipe that “I-don’t-know-what-to-do-I’m-so-bored-someone-entertain-me” look off their faces with a trip to 
Santaland. And we’re not talking about the one at Macy’s at Lenox Mall. Horizon is home to a much funnier, much more adult version starting this Friday.

Join Crumpet for his 14th year of red-hot holiday hilarity. Opens Friday.
Tickets start at $25 and upgrade to VIP for just $15 more. Visit the box office at 404-584-7450 and online at


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