Gotta Give To Receive

To see the hottest talent that hip hop has to offer was an understatement if you were sitting under the same roof with hundreds of volunteers at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. People who gave of their time, blood and sweat were entertained like they’d paid royally for the hottest tickets in town.

Teaming up with the Reynoldstown Revitalization Corporation in Atlanta, volunteers participated in refacing a blighted area of the neighborhood to make it a more visibly pleasing sight.

Nick Cannon hosted the event providing a comedic intermission between guest appearances by artists who rocked the house in an effort to say thank you for your time. Performers on deck were none other than Rich Boy, Eve, Jim Jones, Keri Hilson, Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy who was the events’ headliner. Keeping it real, Jeezy smiled as he jokingly complained about clothes and sneakers that still had paint stains in them from his volunteer efforts. “It wasn’t for nothing. We should all experience what it feels like to give of our time for someone else and not expect anything in return.” Other performers agreed with the sentiment and in their own way communicated ways that they give back to their communities as well.

Now in an era where our youth are growing so up fast, Boost Mobile Rock Corps (BMRC) decided to slow them down and teach a lesson about giving back, showing pride and respect through service and using music to tie the two together. in exchange for giving four hours of their personal time in community service Boost Mobile Rock Corps gave volunteers one ticket to the concert.

Founded by veteran hip hop music video director Chris Robinson (“ATL” the movie, Amerie's "1 Thing", Snoop's "Beautiful", and Jay-Z's "Change Clothes"), he wanted “…to see how hip hop could make a positive effect on today’s’ youth.” BMRC is a national youth volunteer movement that has gained much momentum since it’s inception in 2005 and has encouraged service and community pride among nearly 20,000 youth around the country. BMRC partners with non-profit organizations to plan various volunteer projects in major metropolitan areas around the U.S.

The following is a list of cities that BMRC will be visiting:

Portland, OregonJuly 26, 2007
Houston, TexasAugust 2, 2007
Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaAugust 27, 2007
Chicago, Illinois September 2, 2007
New York City, New YorkOctober 6, 2007
Baltimore, MarylandTBD
New OrleansTBD

Youth interested in becoming part of the Boost Mobile Rock Corps movement can call BMRC at 1-888-ROCK-899, or log onto for more information and to register for membership. BMRC members will be notified of volunteerism to expose young people to simple ways they can proactively contribute to the greater good.