Signing with boxing champion Floyd Mayweather’s Philthy Rich Records just over two years ago, H-FLO’s introduction to the game has been a TKO (total knock-out).

Relaxing in his Los Angeles hotel and readying himself for the red carpet, H-FLO is calm and confident about his introduction to the swarming press parade. “This is my second time on the red carpet for the awards but this time its major cuz my music is out there and people know who I am. I want to have a good time, but I’m focusing on the press.”

The average rags to riches and ashy to classy story isn’t one that Harold White Jr. (H-FLO) tells about his life. Although coming from a broken home where his parents divorced when he was only 11, his family has always been tight. Coming from an entrepreneurial background, the White family has always been in charge. As a kid, he found himself working in the family business and being groomed to manage and be an owner not a worker. He credits his savvy business since to his upbringing and his own smarts. “I’m a business man that just so happens to be an artist…Just like Jay-Z, Ludacris and Diddy; they made it famous as an artist but they are business men who are also artists.”

Already multi-tasking between music and other projects like real estate, H-FLO is no dummy. He realizes that music isn’t always going to be there and having other financial goals is a must to stay in the green. As a college student at Wilberforce College in Ohio, being away from home gave him the chance to develop his own way of thinking and pave his own way instead of following in the family business. Although he didn’t finish college ‘yet’, he does think having a degree is important and sees himself going back to Wilberforce and completing the 27 hours needed to get his Bachelors degree and help build a studio while there to help other students coming after him achieve their goals as well.

So what do a famous boxer and an upcoming hip hop artist have in common; other than most athletes wanting to be artists and vice versa? H-FLO’s mix tape landed in the hands of the boxing champ and through some crafty investigation he tracked down the college dropout (hey, it worked for Kanye) and the rest is history in the making. And the relationship between the two is unique because both men are artists in their own right and are both smart savvy business men as well. H-FLO describes his relationship with Mayweather, “We bump heads but we’re family. Some people try to control everything, but at the end of the day he gives me the freedom to do what I need…We’re both businessmen and I’m always on top of my P’s and Q’s.”

A lot of criticism has been made of the two-year hold on H-FLO’s career since signing with Philthy Rich Records. There are no other major artists on the rise ahead of him so wutdafuxup? With the boss training and doing his boxing thing and H-FLO learning the business, things take time. H-FLO also adds, “Keep in mind; I only picked up a mic three years ago. I had just left college to start pursuing this music thing and after only a year I got signed with Philthy Rich Records. I didn’t have to go through the usual grind that a lot of cats did.”

So after moving the whole family (including both of his divorced parents) to Las Vegas (home of Philthy Rich Records) to be close to him while doing his music thing H-FLO began to craft his career.

Rumor Control:
Buckeey (Flavor of Love & Charm School) and I are ‘just friends’ (but let it be known that when he gets to Jay-Z and B status it may be something more)

Me, Floyd and 50 Cent are cool. When 50 Cent performed while escorting Floyd Mayweather to the ring during the DeLahoya/Mayweather fight it was assumed by many that since H-FLO was on Mayweathers’ label Philthy Rich Records that he’d use his headlining talent to ‘bring him out’. There was no issue there. With all the drama, “…it gave me a lot of exposure. It did give a little tension with me and Floyd because he thought that I was upset about it. but we cool cuz he know now that it wasn’t me creating that rumor.”


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