Son Of Pain

Every so often you come across a soulful spirit that evokes the blues. On the surface he looks like just another smooth brotha, but dig deep and you find that Governor is a Virginia born country boy at heart and now one of the hottest additions to the Grand Hustle label owned by Atlantic recording artist T.I. and his business partner Jason Geter.

Governor’s addition to the Grand Hustle family is definitely the right move to help him bring his sound to lovers of both R&B and hip-hop. He’s been given the stamp of approval by the likes of T.I. and Scott Storch. T.I. says, “Real recognizes real. His music speaks to real life situations.” His ability to be both a lyricist and a storyteller and can be heard on his newest album Son of Pain and his first single, “Blood, Sweat and Tears” produced by the Track Masters. He calls his unique blend of music “soul folk”. He says, “Folk music is about the story and the message. Soul music is about the feeling.” Son of Pain is a soulful rendition of both.

Governor isn’t a rookie in the music game. He’s been around the block a few times. He’s worked with heavy hitters like Wyclef Jean, 50 Cent and none other than Dr. Dre. When he and Dre’ worked together, red tape and corporate drama resulted in the collaboration to never see daylight. Although it didn’t turn out the way he’d preferred, Governor says, “The combo with us was crazy! He saw the talent I had.” Not to be on the down and out, Governor references his experience with the music game, “I know this game and you can’t keep denying me. This is not a hobby; its survival for me.”