Young Snead & Yae High

Because they’re new to us doesn’t mean they are new to the game. CRUNK Magazine introduces to the world of hip hop Young Snead and Yae High, the first two artists off the Grown Money Entertainment Incorporated (GME, Inc.) management roster. These two men are making their mark on hip hop and are anticipating the impact of their reintroduction to the game with the release of The Takeover Continues, a mix tape blessed by DJ Drama and the Aphilliates. Drama puts his stamp on it, “The music is hot. They young. They coming up. I see good thing for ‘em.”

While they’re not sitting on their hands waiting on radio to ‘discover’ their true talent; the men of GME are busy making a name for themselves and building a solid foundation by making things happen for themselves. Wesley Kelly, CEO of Grown Money Entertainment says, “These guys aren’t boys anymore. They are men who’ve finished school and are moving onto the next phase of their lives. I’m developing a business here and not just artists. They are learning about the business as well as developing their talent. When you listen to the music, you’ll see that they have something to say.”

Young Snead and Yae High have experienced the ‘illusion’ of trying to make it in the rap game. They’ve seen the highs and lows of the game, yet they continue to bounce back. Young Snead who was formally signed to Big Cat Records along with label mates Gucci Mane, Rasheeda and Maceo considers himself a veteran of the ATL hip hop trade. He found his voice at age 14 and knew that his lyrical talent was meant for more than making the grade in school.

“When it came down to what I was going to do in life, I knew whatever it was it had to be big.” A rule that Young Snead follows is one that rings true for everyone: “Quick money is going to go the same way it came…Quickly. So make sure you keep your heart pure and keep a tight conversation with the man upstairs and handle yours like a man.”

Yae High discovered his lyrical gift at age 13 and considers his delivery ‘smooth as butter’. He credits Wesley Kelly and the GME fam for seeing his talents and swiftly allowing him to use his voice to say his peace. Yae High considers his style more of a swagger consisting of, “old school and my excellent writing style all rolled into one.” You can catch a glimpse of his swagger along with label mate Young Snead on their new single Do What I Want to Do.