The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2007 with Barbara Walters

With so many things to chronicle in this past year, we can name many milestones we’ve successfully tackled. Human-kind has also been set back with some of the most blatant of idiotic displays in the public eye. So this year Barbara Walters has brought once again, her list of the most fascinating people of 2007.

Some of these people who made the cut are those we can’t help to know because of the amount of media attention that has surrounded them and then there are some we’d just simply prefer to forget. Others are some who may have scaled our radar altogether and we may not have given them a moments notice. But not Barbara; so here’s her picks for 2007.

10. Justin Timberlake: Everything you want, wrapped up in a box. He brought sexy back with his new album and had everyone trying just as hard to get theirs back as well. His most interesting accomplishment was getting an Emmy for his skit on Saturday Night Live. And he did it with his Dick in a Box. Justin says, “I think it’s a thoughtful Christmas gift.”

9. President Bill Clinton: The first President who has a shot to get back into the White House after already serving two terms. He’s become a global icon for social issues and is a two-time best selling author. When asked by Barbara about his term, he said, “I loved being President.” He also seems to see John McCain to be the strongest Republican candidate. When asked about whether he sends text messages to Hilary, he says, “I need to hear her voice. I can tell how her day is gong by the way she answers the phone.”

8. Chris & Tom from MySpace: Chris says, “If I were a martian, I’d want to be on MySpace to find other martians like me.” Tom, who is everyone’s famous friend, came up with the concept. Tom is the technical creative genius of MySpace where Chris is the business minded friend. They even helped Barbara Walters build her own MySpace page.

7. Katherine Heigl: Known by most as Doctor Isabel “Izzy” Stevens on Grey’s Anatomy. Katherine also won an Emmy for the role and later landed a starring role in Knocked Up, one of the biggest romantic comedies in 2007. You can also catch her in the upcoming movie “27 Dresses”.

6. Don Imus: He was fired for his racial commentary while insulting the Rutgers women’s basketball team which is mostly comprised of black women. He opened up his big mouth and labeled them ‘nappy-headed hoes’ and made other racial blurbs while reporting live on this radio show. When asked if he thought he should have been fired, he says, “I don’t think so…I don’t think they deserved being made fun of. I spent over 30-years making fun of people who deserved being made fun of.” His new radio show now features two black comedians.

5. Jennifer Hudson: Breakout sensation Jennifer was like Cinderella who got to go the ball. We’ll never forget her emotional acceptance speech at the Oscars when picking up the gold statue for her role as Effie in Dreamgirls. She didn’t win on American Idol but I don’t think she cares right now. With her first album in the works, ‘J-Hud’ also has a role in the much anticipated Sex in the City movie adapted from the popular TV show where she’ll be debuting as Kerry Bradshaw’s assistant. Following that, she’ll hit the big screen again with a role in Winged Creatures, a movie about a group of strangers who form a unique relationship with each other after surviving a random shooting at a Los Angeles diner.

4 & 3: Victoria & David Beckam: The hottest soccer star and the “Poshest” superstar who came to America. They came to America so that David could play soccer for the LA Galaxy. In such a short span of time, he’s experienced a number of injuries meanwhile; Victoria is reuniting with the Spice Girls. When asked if their life together is forever, David says “I hope so, we wouldn’t have gotten married otherwise.”

2. President Hugo Chavez: President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez has a TV show where he likes to insult President Bush and call him a drunk, liar, murderer and other more colorful names. “I say he’s a donkey because he’s very ignorant about what is happening in South America.” President Chavez embraces being a socialist because he feels that’s what Jesus Christ was about. Many feel he is a hero to the poor and has been made a national icon. When asked to give the people of America a message in English, he says, “To the people of the United States, all the women and men, we Venezuelan people love you.”

…and the number one most fascinating person of 2007 (according to Barbara Walters) is: J.K. Rowling is mostly known for her magical stories of Harry Potter. Her passion was always to be a writer. After twelve publishing house rejections, she was offered $4 grand and some advice. One lucky break and the brilliant series of Harry Potter were brought to life. Now millions of young children know the name J.K. Rowling as the hugely popular woman who brings Harry Potter to life.