Dapper Don Docks Flagship Store in Atlanta

Atlanta just became a bit more fashionable. Not that we needed it, but a well-dressed man can never have too much in his arsenal of finely stitched gear. Never allow a Dapper Don to step out and not have it going on.

From the college prep look of Kanye, the metro-sexual and highly fashionable Farnsworth Bentley, to the hood-to-exec hip hop mogul Jay-Z, Dap Rugget docked its flagship boutique in the heart of Atlanta’s fashionable Bennett Street Design District.

On a night buzzing with excitement about the newest wares, stylists and fashionistas showed up to see what owner and designer Cedric King had to offer to an already primped out industry. Make no mistake, he was ready!

So what is Dap Rugget? Cedric describes his line as, “Dap Rugget is the voice of the unheard polo wearing, urban and suburban inner-city aristocrat with the style and flair of any prince or pauper yet stays true to the knowledge and up bringing of the inner city.”

King has created Dap Rugget which represents a clean and colorful wardrobe that commands attention from the underdressed brother. He contends, “I think men are unappreciated when it comes to dress…no one takes the time to help him pull it together…Let me help him put together that shirt, that tie, those pants and that jacket and those socks.”

“You have guys walking around who have no clue how to dress! But they want to know...when they’re young they never learn how to tie a bow tie and when they get older, they too proud to ask.”

The Dap Rugget boutique offers private shopping to the aspiring fashion forward maven. So if you weren’t privy to watching daddy tie his tie, you can surpass the burning embarrassment of onlookers when your stylist attends to your personal needs and questions.

As if he created a cookie cutter outline of design, Dap Rugget is patterned alongside that of Mr. Ralph Lauren. A long time fan of the brand ambassador, Cedric King went there and took his style a bit further. Polo has the famous jockey on the horse; Dap Rugget has a larger sized rooster donned on the left side of the shirt. The rooster is the brand logo that is Dap Rugget. When asked why a rooster, King responded with, “The rooster is the only animal that can take you from darkness to light. it reminds you that day is ending and night is beginning.” Tailor made for the office, the club or even an amusement park, Dap Rugget is more than some passing fad. It’s the armor for today’s urban male and his accommodating lifestyle. Translation meaning that no matter the time of day or place, rocking Dap Rugget clothing is always appropriate attire.

Oft times we see celebrities branching off and creating clothing lines as a means to streamline their income. Generally these celebrities aren’t the masterminds behind the thread or stitches. Cedric King studied for three years in Italy’s illustrious Paradisio School of Design and honed his craft for fashion. His credits are worn on the backs of Usher, Ludacris, Jazze Pha, Bobby V, Andre’ 3000 and Devyne Stephens.In an effort to add to his repertoire of models, King would like to see his wares draped across the backs Kanye West and Farnsworth Bentley noting that, “They don’t need an upgrade. Their taste level is unmatched. If they feel what I’m doing, it’s like a stamp of approval.”

To learn more about the Dap Rugget clothing line and make an appointment for your private styling, you can go to www.daprugget.com.


Unknown said…
REALLY???? Cedric King designed that??? What if I told you it wasa lie..........He didn't design ANY of those pieces he merely emailed a graphic designer photos of other people's designs and requested that the designer directly copy those designs. But as most creative people do, they IMPROVISE and go out of their way NOT to copy something. The end result is what you see there. I know this because I'm the designer that he tries to freeze out. Plus why don't you post a blog about how Cedric King was paid $1000 to do a technical package for me and I never recieved anything. Then he told me that he sent it overseas, but I still never recieved anything. Then when I requested a refund, he and his "staff attorney" sent me very intelligence insulting messages. Then he feigned an attempt to resolve the issue and ignored the fact that he owed me $1000 for a technical package. Then after that, he tried to jew it down to $700. I was cool with that just for the closure of the matter. Then I didn't hear from him again. Are you here to post REAL shit? Or just promote bullshit and kiss someone's ass because they have a clothing line?????
Unknown said…
PS and if you think I'm lying about this or if he TELLS people I'm lying, then I can provide every single element of those designs down to the Adobe Illustrator files, technical files, and EVEN the images of the designers he tried to get me to directly copy.
Unknown said…
ANYWAY, where's my $1,000 that Cedric King never refunded for my technichal package that he never did for MY clothing line....