Eric Benet - 'Love & Life'

I'm taking the time to give you guys a review that I find to be fair and very biased (since I'm giving the review).

After a much needed break (term used literally as well), Eric Benet decided to use his time away from the limelight (he's been hiding from all the crazy women running up on him and cursing him out to pay homage to Halle Berry) wisely.

A much discussed album in the making had fans thinking he couldn’t win back his female fans after such a public heartbreaking dissolution of marriage to big screen beauty Halle Berry. Fortunately, the hating didn’t last and all is forgiven. You can’t keep a woman from a smooth-talking crooner like Eric Benet.

In his newest project, ‘Love and Life’, we see Mr. Benet has life lessons written all over this album and cover-to-cover it’s a must-buy.

Tunes on repeat mode are ‘Chocolate Legs’, ‘You’re The Only One’ and ‘Love Patience and Time’.