A Letter from Tyler…and Madea

So we all know this Friday (February 20th) is the kickoff weekend of Madea Goes to Jail and even my dad is anticipating a good time at the movies and he could care less about anything at the theatre.

So with all the promotional hype this movie is getting, people still wonder if Tyler can do it again. For real, they haven’t realized he’s got the Midas touch after all the blockbusters he’s sold out? Well, sometimes we have to toot our own horns every once in a while and even Tyler had a good time at the theatre.

As part of the masses who receive the emails from Tyler Perry, I've enjoyed his lamenting on the viewing of Madea Goes to Jail and guess what, he loved it!

“I hope you are ready to hurt yourself laughing. I’m telling you, I acted a fool in this one. Madea is on TEN!” says TP

But don’t just take his word for it go and see for yourself. Before you do, a few words from Madea:


Aurm, can you come down to County and put twenty dollas on my book. Girl I
been fightin' since I got in this place. They got women in this place with
prostates...LOL. Antyway, come see me in MADEA GOES TO JAIL. The big house
will never be the same...you’ll see.