Charles Grant: A Saints Saint

New Orleans Saints Charles Grant is more than a Saint on the field. He’s one off the turf as well and he was in Atlanta to prove just that with his fourth annual Celebrity Weekend. The Falcons rival football star just also happens to be a native Georgian and he gives back in his own backyard any chance he has.

Grant attracted 200 kids at their annual football camp and treated another 150 at the ESPN Zone. This was a treat for many of the kids who were once a menace in school and in their communities and are now some of the areas smartest and most productive kids in the Atlanta area.

In addition to being a blessing to the children, Grant and some of his NFL buddies showed up at local shelters to feed more than 800 homeless people. In his most humbling tone, Charles Grant relates it to being simply, “…a great experience.”

Here to raise money to turn around and put back in the community, Grant took time to strut across the red carpet at Atlanta’s Mason Murer Art Gallery with a host of his celebrity cohorts. And not to be denied the spoils of luxury, special guests all went home with a swag bag courtesy of Events to Envy. Let’s just say, Charles Grant caters to a girls’ need for bling and much more.

“I’m going to always make sure kids all across Georgia understand that they can make it and they will always have an opportunity when dealing with Charles Grant. They will have a way out.”