UNWRAPPED™ Volume 6: Give The Drummer Some

Like a hot knife through butter, UNWRAPPED ™ Volume 6 : Give The Drummer Some offers smooth sounds to what would ordinarily have a nightclub coming lose at the hinges. Hidden Beach Recordings premiered the recordings at chic and swanky Café Circa, a laid back jazz café located just south of downtown Atlanta. Ladies, there was also a Tony Rich sighting.
Covering songs like Lil Waynes Lollipop and Jamie Fox’s “Blame It”, these songs would ordinarily have the dance floor vibrating. UNWRAPPED has ten major hits that have all been smoothed out with a jazz flavor that can keep a sophisticated party going. With the production by 24 year-old drummer extraordinaire Tony Royster Jr. , who now currently tours with Jay-Z and has played with artists such as Diddy, T.I., Jay Holiday and more UNWRAPPED is a must have in the cd changer.
After debuting on YouTube, UNWRAPPED Volume 6 garnered tens of millions of sales and over 280 million views. Using highly poplular songs and appealing to a diverse listening ear UNWRAPPED comes back with another hit.
For track listings and to purchase your copy of UNWRAPPED ™ Volume 6: Give The Drummer Some, go to Hidden Beach for more information.