Gillette Men Of Style Awards & MVP Prime Tour Stops in the ATL hosted by Fonzeworth Bentley, Vivica Fox and Kenny Burns

"Gillette's 5 city tour focuses on getting the message out regarding shaving and razor bumps amongst African American men"

Here’s what we know from Gillette’s research. Razor bumps affects more than 60 percent of African American men. What’s worse is that this condition causes pain and discomfort. It also contributes to serious lack of confidence in appearance for men that suffer with it. It can also lead to awkwardness with men interacting and relating to women in general.

"Barbers have an important role in helping African American men achieve a well groomed appearance", states Natalie Wu, Gillette Fusion Associate Brand Manager.”A popular misconception is that razor bumps are a result of a hygiene problem; its not. The bumps getting irritated are a result of a lack of hygiene and not knowing how to treat the problem.”

African American barbershops are an ideal environment for Gillette to share its research findings and provide expert advice on reducing razor bumps, as well as, provide an opportunity for African American men to experience the benefits of Gillette Fusion technology."

Gillette Fusion's MVP Prime Time 5-city tour promoted the Gillette Fusion razor by tapping into the lifestyle of key African American male consumers at local barbershops in Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and concluding in Atlanta. Each stop included "The Men of Style Awards" - a recognition event honoring local barbers and style icons who embrace Gillette's motto "The Best a Man Can Get" as well as an in- barbershop emersion event including complimentary shaves, massages, and gifts. Crunk Magazine caught up with the tour as it wrapped up in Atlanta at the Arena Barbershop.

Consumers can register to win 2 tickets to NFL Super Bowl XLIV in Miami, FL., on February 7. Gillette is an Official Locker Room Product of the NFL. The Gillette Fusion MVP Prime Time Tour is being managed by Rolling Out a Steed Media Group Company. Go to Gillette's web site for more information.

The Gillette Men of Style Awards and MVP Prime Tour was hosted in Atlanta by Garner Circle PR.

Vivica loves a well groomed man!

Fonzeworth gives thanks to Gillette.

Watch as Fonzeworth Bentley and Kenny Burns dialogue about the need for a better razor.


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