The ArchAndroid

Of the listening parties I’ve been to, it’s mostly been food, drinks and the artist sitting at the head of a table introducing song after song. But what we got at the introduction of ‘The ArchAndroid’ was a pint-sized Janelle Monae dancing to sound of her own rhythm.

To say the least, it was very entertaining and refreshing. This tux wearing ‘Droid’ hopped around the room like a puppet on a string engaging all who dared share the floor. After all was said and done, the crowd gave their stamp of approval for the performance and the music.

Oh, the music…lets go back.
Set to drop on May 18th, ‘The ArchAndroid’ takes the listener on a tour or an, “…emotion-picture of the mind.” says Janelle. The album is one of self realization and shows off the vocal vulnerably of such an unassuming artist. Even Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs who could not be there Skyped his heartfelt acknowledgement, “She’s a very dramatic artists.”

While listening to the album samples, you remember the 70’s disco era, you feel the hard rock influence, you vibe to the blues-filled melodies and you swoon in the ballads. But the vibe of the crowd spoke wildly at ‘Tight Rope’, the collabo with Big Boi that sent kids and even the elders in room to the dance floor.
We caught up with Janelle for a few questions after the mayhem.

Q: What made you sign with Bad Boy? It seems like a marriage of complete opposites.
JM: I have my own label. ..Sean was very smart to help with our project…it made sense.

Q: Are you ready to embrace being a fashion icon?
JM: Its so funny, I’ve been in Vogue three times and I’m wearing the same thing.

Q: On an off day, what does Janelle Monae wear?
JM: I keep it consistent with black and white.

Q: The song Tight Rope has gotten a lot of attention. What is the message behind this song?
JM: ‘Tight Rope’ speaks about balance. You can’t get too high; can’t get too low.

The ArdchAndroid has Ten Droid Commandments. Of the ten, the most wild of them all is number ten:
X. ..Please be aware that children conceived during the show or within 48 hours thereafter may be born with wings. The Wonderland Arts Society will not be held liable for this phenomenon or be held responsible for parenting or providing for your flying children.