It's Common like you've never seen before...

A girls night out was the perfect mix of company to see Common, Queen Latifah and Paula Patton do their thing.

Just Wright is definitely a chic flick, but the rating was family friendly and tastefully done. The rapport between Scott McNight (Common) and Leslie Wright (Queen) was a chemical attraction from the gas station.

The fact that baller-wife-wannabe Morgan (Paula Patton) was so enthralled by the lifestyle, was a minor blip on the radar and was easily dismissed once the relationship began to grow between Scott and Leslie. And even though the movie didn't really go deep into the twisted logic of a gold-digger, we'll always have Basketball Wives.

I was also happy to see veteran actors stepping in to play mom(s) and pop. Phylicia Rashad was a shoe-in for Scott McNights' opinionated mother. Let's just be real, no matter what the role,you're not gonna get one over on Clair Huxtable. Pam Grier and Grey's Anatomy star James Pickens, Jr. plays Leslie Wrights' parents who love unconditionally.

You can't have a basketball movie without real ballers and thank goodness they kept it real. Shouts out to Dwayne Wade, Dwight Howard, Rashad Lewis, Jalen Rose and all the guys on the court for making the game look real.

Just Wright is a true love-story that could easily end up in my dvd collection.