Kanye West Plays Homeless Rapping Waiter On 'The Cleveland Show' Season Opener

Credit: Billy Johnson Jr. of Hip Hop Media Training

Kanye West had a rap battle with Cleveland Jr. last spring when he made a guest appearance on The Cleveland Show. This fall, Kanye revives his Kenny West character and, this time, he teams up with Cleveland Sr. for the premiere episode of season 2 of the hilarious Fox animated comedy.

In the episode titled "Harder, Better, Faster, Browner," Kenny West is a struggling rapper raising his 4-year-old daughter. He and Cleveland strike up a friendship when taking their kids to school. When Cleveland finds out that Kenny and his daughter are homeless, he offers to mentor the 19-year-old who is working as a rapping waiter at Fudd Ruck The Police, a hip-hop version of Hard Rock Café.

Cleveland wants to do something charitable to spite his childhood basketball nemesis Barry Obama who went on to become the nation's president. Cleveland eventually becomes Kenny's manager, and books him a gig performing "Be-Cleve In Yourself" during a local rescue mission to save a little girl who has fallen into a well.

In the song, Kenny encourages the girl to stay hopeful and credits Cleveland with helping him get his life on track, comparing him to "a lot less Asian" version of Karate Kid coach Mr. Miyagi.

"Not long ago I was lower than Lohan, no plan, a lost man raising my little girl in a Cadillac, broham," he raps.

"Be-Cleve In Yourself" becomes a viral hit, enters the Hot 100 Cartoon charts at No. 87, one spot ahead Bart Simpson's "Do The Bartman" and ultimately tops the chart.

After Cleveland's guidance helps Kenny achieve stardom, he fires him.

Kanye represents. Hopefully, this is a reoccurring role. The entire episode is funny. And there are tons of good Obama jokes, including a basketball face-off. Watch the entire episode here.