Do The Sisters Still Have Voices?

Leanne (Lelee) Lyons, Tamara (Taj) Johnson and Cheryl (Coko) Gamble

Can you call it a break when the group has been gone for thirteen years? Either way, the female trio known and loved as SWV (Sisters With Voices) is back and are apparently here to save good music. (From what?)

Reportedly, the group has inked a deal with Mass Appeal Entertainment and E1 to begin recording their much anticipated and talked about fourth studio album. No word yet on the name or who they'll be collaborating with.

With all the talk and rumors about why they broke up and what they've been through since having never really answered, SWV's very own documentary is in the works, highlighting their success, failures, break-up, and inspiration.

Looks like Coco shed those famous nails. Some things do change.