Law & Order's SVU star Ice T joins forces with Aiko Importers to introduce OG XO Brandy

OG XO is a smooth, aged, delicious ten year old French Brandy bottled in a gorgeous high-crafted decanter decorated with hot
stamped gold belling.. Apricots, vanilla, caramel and hazelnuts are part of this twice distilled, subtle blend. Champagne Cocktails, Brandy Crista, Stingers and Ritz Sidecars are just a few of the cocktails that OG XO has perfected. Known as Detective Fin Tutuola on Law & Order's SVU, Ice T and wife CoCo will join Aiko Importers for the launch of OG XO Brandy in markets around the county.
OG XO is available nationwide with nineteen markets currently carrying this new addition to the brandy marketplace. Ice-T/Pay Up Management and Aiko Importers have formulated a partnership to expand and develop this new entry into the brandy category. Aiko Importers, known for their cutting edge wine and spirits, are creating an inordinate amount of buzz with the anticipation of their newest marque - OG XO.
To join the conversation the twitter hashtag is #OGXO, the handler is @OG_XO_Brandy and facebook is