Watch Michelle Obama Get Her Groove On....and Dougie!!!!!

In all the years of watching Presidents and First Lady's try to do a jig here or there, we are used to them failing miserably! But not anymore. Our President has swag, plays basketball (and he has game), he doesn't mince words, has a beautiful wife that he celebrates in public and she can dance!

At Alice Deal Middle School in Washington D.C., Michelle Obama kept up with the kids and showed them that her hips don't lie.

Michelle Obama does the Dougie and other dances with middle school students at Alice Deal Middle Tuesday in Washington, D.C.

.....and then! While Michelle was working out in D.C., Beyonce was in NYC at P.S. 161 in Harlem surprising a gymnasium full of kids practicing the same dance. Take a look:

Honestly, this whole 'Move Your Body' campaign is doing so much good I think Beyonce is getting just as much from this as the kids. Who is having the most fun here?