She Runs the World and This Photo Shoot: Beyonce

I love how Beyonce sparks so much debate and conversation when she’s eluding to the drop of an upcoming project. Her skin. Her hair. Her clothes. It’s all very newsworthy and she hasn’t disappointed with her newest Essence Magazine photo shoot. It’s so far away from peoples perspective that it has to just baffle the brain. Beyonce, I love how you think outside the box. Keep baffling them. You set the bar.

Recently, she graced the cover of Essence magazine with an interesting country look. Perhaps going back to her Texan roots, in the photo shoot, the superstar is clad in sexy cowgirl outfit that barely covers her extremities, riding a white horse.

Throughout the photo pieces, she’s hardly holding on to her garments, showing quite a bit of skin. In one pic, she’s rocking a white swimsuit with her arms and nicely toned legs dangling over a tub in the middle of a field with some interesting camera angles. She looks like she’s nude.

The article attached to the risqué photo shoot is entitled, “Eat, Play, Love” in which the songstress shares about her nine-month long hiatus and everything from business to everyday life.

The photo shoot was also captured on video. Check it out below: