E. Lynn Harris 'Invisible Life' Appearing on the Big Screen

Although we won’t be getting anything new from late novelist E. Lynn Harris, all of his fans will have a brand new way of connecting with his work. The Root recently reported that Tracey Edmonds of Edmonds Entertainment and Proteus Span of Proteus E2 productions have developed a series of films based on the library of the writer.

The first novel up for the project is “Invisible Life.” The film will be a joint production with Shelia Ducksworth, Glendon Palmer and Jovan Johnson.

It was only two years ago Harris passed, but he made the deal before his death. Shortly after making everything final, he passed away from a heart attack in his hotel room.

“E. Lynn Harris entrusted Proteus and myself with his dream of seeing his books translated into film,” says Edmonds about Harris. “After his tragic passing, we are even more determined to see his dream become a reality. With his first blockbuster novel, ‘Invisible Life,’ we begin the journey that millions of his fans have traveled.”

Spann adds, “My dear friend E. Lynn was a man with an unshakeable spirit and an unbreakable passion to inspire and change lives. He entrusted with me his vision and the responsibility to produce this American coming of age love story accurately through the lens of sensitivity in which it was originally created. This project is a must for his millions of fans. Because if we were all honest, we would acknowledge, that we all live a portion of our lives ‘invisible.’”

Edmonds‘ most recent success is “Jumping the Broom,” which so far has brought in over $36 million at the box office. It was budgeted at only $6.6 million.