Eva Mendez: Face of An Angel.....and Voice Too

Eva Mendes is not only the face of Angel by Thierry Mugler, she's also the voice. Last Thursday, the 37-year-old actress unveiled the top-selling fragrance's new ethereal print campaign in NYC, and revealed that she will even be singing in the on-air commercials this fall.

"This campaign has been so beautifully collaborative," Mendes told omg! "I really can honestly say I've never felt so creatively satisfied with doing a campaign before. From the costuming to the music to the fact that I sing on the commercial to the overall look, I just feel like it's been a true partnership and I couldn't be happier."

While the perfume commercial will mark Eva's singing debut, don't expect the brunette beauty to be releasing an album any time soon. "A few years ago I started taking professional vocal lessons," she shares. "It's not a goal of mine, to make an album or anything like that. With my singing, I was just doing it as a fun exercise. That was always the goal. Try to hone a skill and have fun. I have always been of the mentality that if you prepare yourself for something, if you work on your instrument, opportunities will present themselves and that's exactly what happened with this."

When she learned that she'd be singing one of her favorite songs of all time, "Windmills of Your Mind," that sealed the deal for Mendes, who wasn't apprehensive at all about lending her voice to the ads. "Fear seems to rear its head with me if I don't feel that things are organically taking place," she notes. Still, the actress doesn't claim to be the best singer in the world, and laughs when asked if she has the voice of the angel. "My mother would think so!" she says. "The good thing about ['Windmills of Your Mind'] is that it's almost like reading poetry."

One would think a much bigger vocal challenge would present itself when Eva tackles the role of opera singer Maria Callas on the big screen. "I would never try to recreate Maria Callas' voice," she insists. "I cannot and I don't think anybody living could recreate that voice. It was so unique." Fortunately, the script, which is still in development, doesn't focus strictly on Callas as a musical genius. "It's about her being the opera diva she is known for," says Mendes. "It's about the heartbreaking and tumultuous affair she had with the love of her life, Aristotle Onassis. It's really a love story and the singing is more of a backdrop than anything."

Speaking of relationships, Mendes -- who has been with her Peruvian filmmaker beau George Augusto since 2002 -- ruffled some married folks' feathers when she stated on "Chelsea Lately" that she finds marriage to be "very unsexy." For the record, she wants everyone to know that she's not anti-marriage. It's just not for her. "It's just something I don't feel I need in my personal life," she explains. "If people think they need that, that's fine and great for them. I'm all for a spiritual union, a monogamous beautiful union. I just don't need to have a piece of paper that puts that union into effect."

While Eva's commerical won't air until September, check out the behind-the-scenes footage below of her rehearsing: