Hip Hop Lesson Number One: Know Herb McGruff

McGruff originally started his career as a member of the rap group, Children of the Corn, alongside Big L, Cam'ron and Mase, all of whom would go on to have successful careers in the music industry. After the group disbanded without releasing any material, McGruff made his first appearance on Big L's debut album, Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous on the tracks "8 Iz Enuff" and "Dangerzone". Eventually, McGruff signed a deal with popular hip hop label, Uptown Records and began recording his debut album, Destined to Be. In early 1998, the album's lead single "Before We Start" became a minor hit, charting on several Billboard charts. In the Summer of 1998, Destined to Be was released but failed to sell many copies, only peaking at 169 on the Billboard 200, and McGruff was released from his contract. McGruff would make appearances with Heavy D on his album, Waterbed Hev and the Woo soundtrack, his latest appearance was on Mase's 2009 mixtape "I Do the Impossible".

He was recently featured Heavily on The Diplomats mixtape, "The D.I.P. Agenda."

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