Amber Riley on Season 3 for Mercedes

Amber Riley was at the World Premiere of "Glee: The 3D Concert Movie," and she couldn't wait to dish about what Mercedes would be up to next season.

In my (Damzel) adolescent voice, I'm jumping up and down screaming, "Mercedes has a boyfriend! Mercedes has a boyfriend!"

On the heels of Chord “Pouty-Mouth” Overstreet leaving, the show has signed “Friday Night Lights” veteran LaMarcus Tinker a McKinley High linebacker named Marcus who falls for the powerhouse diva.

“Glee” executive producer Brad Fulchuk said Mercedes’ love interest will be “a man who lifts her up, a big bubba kind of guy who encourages her to want more for herself, which will drive her arc for the first half of the season. … Think Cuba Gooding Jr. and his wife in ‘Jerry McGuire.’”

In the audio bonus below, Riley talks about the intensity of “Glee’s” fan base and its dominating presence on social media.
Amber Riley on feeling the love from Gleeks by CherieNic