Billboard Chat: Melanie Fiona

"It's a lot of reflection on love," Melanie Fiona says of her sophomore album, "The MF Life" (Oct. 25). A year after her debut album, "The Bridge," Melanie Fiona returns with an emotional rollercoaster of an album. Fiona has been giving us sneak peaks of what's to come, first with single, "Gone and Never Coming Back," and most recently with second single, "4 A.M."

Melanie Fiona Talks 'MF Life,' Overcoming 'One-Hit Wonder' Status
4AM by MelanieFiona

"I'm so excited of what we were able to accomplish in the studio," say Rico Love, who penned "4 A.M." "I wanted to bring out another side of Melanie that no one has yet to see. Her voice is amazing and I wanted her fans to see the sultry side of her."

Just days before releasing "4 AM," Melanie talked to's The Juice on sophomore album, "The MF Life," "The MF Mixtape," and finding inspiration from love.

"If I could call it something it would be 'stadium soul,'" Melanie Fiona tells The Juice on "The MF Life." "The songs are just bigger. When I say soul I mean, it's the soul of the emotion that comes from within. It is everything that I've experienced and the emotions I've had to challenge. It's a lot of reflection on love. And I feel like every song, eventhough in differerent areas are about love, that they embody different moods and different reflections on love."