Ceelo Green in Cry Baby....What the Urkel?

by the Damzel

Ok, so the video 'Cry Baby' was shot starring Ceelo....no, Jaleel White as Ceelo Green!

In a 1960's inspired video, Jaleel dances in a West Side Story -esque scene leaving his jilted lover on a stoop crying. With no remorse, he takes to the street in a hand jive plagued choreograph with other men in cardigans and plaid pants and women in lots of makeup and bouffant dresses adorned with flowers.

There was no Ceelo sighting in the entire video, though Jaleel White synced the whole song with Ceelo's voice on track.

For those who claim Ceelo resurrected Jaleel White from the vault of child stars gone rogue, its not so. Jaleel has been a steady string of productions for a while. His target audience is children, so he's not quite on the radar for those who grew up with Steve Urkel. Google him.