Whitney Houston...I Will Always Love You....Lost But Not Forgotten

Not more than 24 hours ago the world was taken aback with the news that Whitney Houston had died in a Los Angeles hotel. The details are sketchy and undetermined, but we've been told by various outlets that a night out partying with alcohol, Xanax pills in the room and a bathtub full of water all set the tone for a most tragic ending to a life ended too soon.

If you've ever lost someone tragically that you were organically tied to, you know that heart ache should be considered a medical diagnosis. Whitney's daughter Bobbi Kristina has been hospitalized now twice since yesterday's tragic news and has been listed as 'exhausted and inconsolable'.

No speculation or rumors will be posted on this site. The thoughts and prayers from Damzelindistress go out to the Houston family and close friends.

The Damzel

***Images courtesy of TMZ.com

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