Terrell Owens Faces Baby Mama Firing Squad on Dr. Phil

You can call it a sympathy campaign or a ploy to entice coaches to his aide, but seeing Terrell Owens in the hot seat on Dr. Phil was very hard to watch. I don't care how many linemen he's stared down, facing three baby-mamas and one baby grandmother is like going to war and full-bodied armor is mandatory. 

The trio of women openly accused the player of inconsistent child support on a financial and emotional level. Terrell has gone months to over a year since he'd seen his children while giving the excuse that he's been too busy. 

Now that his stock has fallen in the NFL, Terrell is looking to amend his child support and feels his children's' mothers are upset since the money isn't coming like before and therefore leveraging his visitation and access to the kids for this reason. 

The Terrell Owens dysfunctional situation went down like this...WATCH.