We all love good music and lately, its not coming from the good 'ole USA. Melanie Fiona, Drake and the Biebs hail from Canada. Mega hit Adele comes from across the pond in the UK. The US has been playing host to major breakout stars from abroad and many find it refreshing. 

The International Music Conference held a press reception in Atlanta to kick off the impending event and offered a glimpse of what's to come. 

From August 8-11 2012, the International Music Conference (IMC) will confirm its position this summer as the premier platform for engaging the ever-changing global music market. During this time, the conference will connect artists, producers, songwriters, and music devotees from across the globe through a variety of networking, panel discussions, and music showcases.

"The whole point of the conference is to make it easier for people to connect on an international scale.” says Julia Louis-Martin, Founder & CEO of the IMC

This year’s conference aims to be informative and highly entertaining with prizes and opportunities including a trip to London, England, the opportunity to work with a chart-topping act from Europe, and one-on-one meetings with executives and VPs from Sony Records and Atlantic Records respectively, all of which to help launch up and comers international careers. Conference goers will also expect to take advantage of high-level industry discussions, workshops, closed-door meetings and networking opportunities. Aspiring talent can participate in an array of showcases for artists, producers, and disc jockeys. 

Submissions are now open for registrants to submit their music by going to or clicking here. All submissions must be submitted by June 30, 2012.