My Word...K. Michelle vs. Tamar Braxton

Its rare that I offer my opinion, but the fact that so many people are voiceing thiers on whether Love and Hip Hop Atlanta's cast mate K. Michelle was actually beaten by her ex-boyfriend is shocking me that THIS is the topic of conversation.

Let's wonder why she is still so raw about this part of her life. Why hasn't she found a way to cope? If these ladies aren't her real friends, why care so much?

The show gave the dysfunctional menage' trois (Joceline, Stevie J and Mimi) a few sessions on the family counseling couch. I think Dr. Jeff could be more useful with K. Michelle, right? So now Tamar is reportedly a non-believer? Whether or not this girl is telling the truth about a clearly traumatizing event in her life is her burden to bare.

When Tamar's husband went into the hospital, many seemed to think she didn't show enough emotion and questioned her love for the man. So you'd think she would take her own advise of others minding their business and not going public with nothing substantial to say. But reality TV isn't really for those who are keeping it real or talented is it?

Only a few talented folks have used reality TV to rejuvenate an already stable career. Kandi Burrus, Phaedra Parks, Monica, Shaunie McNeal and Cynthia Bailey to name a few. These people came to the table with skills and talent and have left or still continue to use reality TV to fuel their business acumen.

So do you believe K. Michelle? Honestly, I do. But does my opinion matter? No. She doesn't care about my opinion and we don't care about Tamar's. But if i must add more to this point, I'd say this to K. Michelle: Get counseling for yourself and stop using insults (though very funny) to divert the attention off of you. Get help.

That's my word.