Atlanta's Radio Power Duo Announce Departure

Frank Ski & Wanda Smith, V-103 Fm Atlanta
Atlanta's number one moring radio duo, Frank Ski and Wanda Smith have announced their decision to walk away from their much successful tenure on V-103.

This announcement sent shockwaves through the air as listeners lit up the airwaves wih tears and well wishes.

Frnak and Wanda have been the top rated morning show for 14 years. Frank Ski has always been the level-headed, poliitcal and spirtual guide of the show. Wanda Smith is the emotional cheerleader and advocate for women and children. The two together have made for a very successful run on the local station.

What's next? Wanda will be pursuing more of her first dream. Comedy. Additionally, moving into writing stage plays and making movies. Always an entertainer, we wish Wanda much success. Frank Ski will continue to operate 'FrankSki's restaurant in Buckhead, the Frank Ski Foundation and being ever the visionary and change maker we've come to love.

One thing that both Frank and Wanda agree was part of thier change of heart was Pastor Craig T. Olivers sermon about being in a holding pattern. Over the last two years, they've played this sermon on the show's Inspirational Vitamin, a segment meant to inspire and uplift. The sermon was so popular, listeners have been inspired to move and make changes in thier personal and professional lives. Take a listen.....

Frank Ski and Wanda Smith, you will be missed.