Dr. Heavenly Kimes and husband Dr. Damon Kimes
Dr. Heavenly's Business Prescriptions: You Can Have it All!This weekend, I had an opportunity to meet and exceptional woman, wife, mother and professional. Atlanta dentist and entrepreneur Dr. Heavenly Kimes allowed area taste makers to join her in celebrating the release of her new book 'Dr. Heavenly's Business Prescriptions: You Can Have it All'. In a private reception area at Frank Ski's Restaurant & Lounge, guests were treated to wine and appetizers while Dr. Heavenly engaged everyone with tips on how to build a business with an exit strategy in mind, maintaining work-life balance and what it feels like to answer a calling. She signed copies of her new book and gave away more than $3,000 in dental services. 

Never more than arms length away was Dr. Damon Kimes, Dr. Heavenly's adoring husband. Constantly holding hands and embracing throughout the evening, the two presented a united front that life is good in the Kimes family and one key she shared about making her marriage work is by submitting to her husband. With a husband, three children and thee dogs, Dr. Heavenly is a self-proclaimed master of work-life balance. Incidentally, the word balance was constantly used in Dr. Heavenly's description of how she achieved much of her success.

Here are a few quotes from the evening from Dr. Heavenly:

"A lot of people think they don't have what it takes to be successful and that is exactly why they have not been successful.”

"Success starts with having the right mindset. You must change your mindset to think positive about the things that you want in life. When you learn to speak only about things that align with your purpose, think positively and have faith, you will attract positive things into your life and you’ll watch as your goals come to fruition."

"This book isn't for everyone. If you are OK with being mediocre, this book is NOT for you!"

"If you have a problem and don't want a solution, don't ask me."

To learn more about Dr. Heavenly Kimes, go to http://www.drheavenly.com and watch every Wednesday on Dr. Heavenly's Business Prescriptions at 7pm ET on AIB TV as well as on BlogTalkRadio for "Dr. Heavenly Radio."


Anonymous said…
I really admire Dr.Heavenly , she is a good example of a strong black woman , who had the desire to succeed . This book is motivating . I am currently finishing my pre dental courses at TSU . I obtained my business degree 2 years ago ... I am surely following in her footsteps!!
Anonymous said…
She actually stated this... "Woman cannot be in positions of power. We have allow our husbands to lead, and we actually have to help them lead by leading from the back”
WTH??? Millions of woman are leaders!! Only those who are MEEK allow their husband to “Lead” that’s just CRAZY!!! STRONG Woman are leader. She's just a follower!
Good dialogue.
Thanks for commenting. Love this.
Keep in mind she's talking about the role of the husband in the family/home. The bible puts the man as the head of the home/family and thus he has to lead. I agree with this.
Women are awesome leaders and when we have to do it in the home, its fine too. But recognize God's plan and walk it out. Men were made to lead and take care of his family.