Super Bowl 2013 is Ratings Gold With Alicia Keys, NFL Harbaugh Coaches, Ray Lewis and Beyonce'

Alicia Keys
Seems like Super Bowl 2013 is stacking the deck and will be packed full of action and history making. 

Jim and John Harbaugh (l to r)
To begin, Alicia Keys will open up the show with the National Anthem, then NFL coaches and brothers Jim and John Harbaugh will face off on the field. Jim is the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers while his brother is the head coach for the Baltimore Ravens.

Ray Lewis
The Baltimore Ravens own Ray Lewis is making history as well. The 37 year-old linebacker will be making the Super Bowl his last game. Appropriately so. He announced his retirement earlier in the season like many before him, will be leaving the league on top; a champion. 

Destiny's Child

And then there is the half-time show.....Singer Beyonce will take the stage and give a performance many other networks will likely run re-runs during to avoid a ratings massacre. Beyonce is currently working on her album and soon to release a new Destiny's Child album with bandmates Kelly Roland and Michelle Williams. Maybe the trio will offer up a special performance on the main-stage.

It is estimated with so much hoopla about this particular game, it'll have one of the highest ratings ever. One last thing to top it off will be to have our own President Barack Obama in the stands.