Pink Breaks Up Fight During Her Concert and Dries a Little Girls' Tears

Roger Kisby/Getty ImagesI already freakin’ love P!NK and…here’s one MORE reason why…
Many years ago, P!nk came on my show.  Back then, she SEEMED to be a tough talking, little brut of a woman who partied hard and took no sh*t.  Her entourage sent us a RIDER — very unusual for a radio INTERVIEW — and so, the Street Team was forced to fill COOLERS with Diet Coke, veggies, water, sandwiches…the list was ENDLESS.  P!nk didn’t touch ONE thing.
Today, however, P!nk has morphed into a beautiful wife (she fought HARD to save her marriage), mother, ATHLETE (have you seen her stage acrobatics) and all around NICE chick!
During a recent concert, two women began FIGHTING in the crowd. P!nk stopped MID-SONG to ask what was happening because she could see a little girl CRYING!  First, she asks, “Y’all are FIGHTING around a little girl?!”
P!nk then gets off of her stool, picks up some items fans had thrown on stage and, to the child says, “Honey, do you want this little frog? Would this frog and Rice Krispie Treat make you feel better?  Rice Krispie Treats fix everything.”
P!nk then addressed the fighting hoochies and told them to cut it out because they are GROWN women!  She started her song over and the crowd went WiLD!
We are tickled P!nk with her kick ass kindness!
article provided by WiLD 94.1 (Tampa, FL)