A Fly on the Wall of Conversations With Young Sisters

Its not very often I post my personal feeling about anything, but its my blog and so I have executive rights to do as I please. That being said, I'd like to share my feelings on what I experienced over the weekend with Enchanted Closet's Conversations With Young Sisters

As a volunteer, we offered over fifty girls an opportunity to have intimate conversations with men who are fathers, grandfathers, teachers, athletes and just plain old caring individuals who give a damn. I came prepared as I always do to be on hand while these men offer a bit of awakening, truth, understanding and comfort to girls who came have been dealt a shitty hand in the parent category. 

I reflect on much of what was said by these men and I'll start with this, the first man I fell in love with was my dad. He was the love of my life and only man who knew me best and treated me better than any man I've met thus far. Since I haven't yet met my husband, my father remains the standard. He loved and respected us (mother and my other three sisters) and showed us often how a father loves, respects, disciplines and teaches and protects his family. 

Without a shadow of a doubt, my dad would have laid down his life for any of us and taken one for anyone who threatened ours. My father was strict and sometimes had a heavy hand. He said what he meant and please believe he followed through on every promise (good or bad). 

I remember the fishing trips, camping trips, the first time he made me face my fear of riding roller coaster (he rode too) and all of the fun he created at home. He allowed us to dream and play make believe and he put the most animated remix on any bedtime story. So to hear a little girl say she doesn't have that and to see her stand up and cry because she knows it exists but she can't have it broke my heart. 

Enchanted Closet has been blessed beyond measure to have garnered the support of a number of enchanting angels this weekend. I call them angels because only God could send these men to do what they did. You know good men can be great dads, but it takes AMAZING men to be a dad for a day and for someone other than their own children. How unselfish! There were no major TV networks covering this event. This wan't a PR opportunity. They walked in as good men, but walked out with angel wings. The panel consisted of actor/barber-Tony Parker, artist-Charlton "CP the Artist" Palmer, radio show host-Derrick Boazman, educator/ therapist/writer-Michael Frazier, entertainment executives-Torrance Hill and Paris "PK" Kirk, NFL veteran Takeo Spikes and two-time NBA Champion Josh Powell. 

One by one, these men stood before a room of captive young girls and offered their wisdom. Some even had their own testimonies but they all wanted to know was, "What can I do to help you?" 

What would make a man walk away and not want to move heaven and earth to be there for his children? A little girl?

We had girls who came with their mothers, group home representatives and foster care parents...all women. There wasn't a dad in the room except for the panelist. These girls were gifted an awesome opportunity to ask a dad good 'why' questions and that's when it got real. We had everything on hand except tissues. There wasn't a dry eye in the place. There was no way you couldn't have gone home and not be affected. 

I'll say this, Conversations With Young Sisters has been an annual event. I think the conversation should continue and more often. 

My father died in 2009, but he gave it all before he died. I'm so grateful he cared enough to love me, support me and discipline me. He still remains the standard.