K. Michelle Debuts Rebellious Soul and Chucks Up the Deuces to LHHATL

If you are a fan of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta (LHHATL), you know exactly who K. Michelle is. Though rough around the edges and getting on her bad side is not advisable, it’s safe to say she is who she is lovable as a friend; venomous as an enemy. 

I caught up with reality starlet/songstress at Frank Ski's in Atlanta looking summer fresh with a lime green short jumper and a new blonde hair-do. Over the last two seasons we've seen her evolution of hair and if you know K., she is a quick change artist with the hair. She gets it right. She spent the last several episodes of LHHATL with red locks (long and cropped). 

K stopped by Frank Ski's to celebrate and give her fans a listening party for her new album "Rebellious Soul" which drops today! If you haven’t purchased it yet, go here to listen to the album sampler.

You can’t go to Frank Ski’s without grabbing something to eat, so in between bites we chatted. 

{C} Mag: K, we've been hearing the song VSOP and we love it! Love the Debra Laws throwback nod. Before we knew it was you, many thought it was actually a Keri Hilson joint. 

K Michelle: No I don't sound like Keri Hilson! I don't sound like her at all.

{C} Mag: Though your album is a labor of love, ever artist has a favorite song. What is yours?
K Michelle: I put love into all of the songs, but my favorite is Sometime. It’s real soulful...an Etta James type record.

{C} Mag: What is it that you want K. Michelle fans to take away from your album when they listen to it?
K Michelle: You know it’s really good music. I want to make sure they can relate to every track.  

Though K. Michelle fans will no longer see her on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta next season, she'll be continuing on with the cast of Love & Hip Hop New York while she continues to grind on her music career. I hope the ladies of LHHNY have a Wikipedia page or K. will let them have it. 

One thing we all know is that K has a soft spot for her fans that have been drawn to her because of her openness with her own story of survival of domestic abuse. The #RebelAgainst Campaign was born out of the need to empower fans to speak out against social and personal hurdles and they've paired K. Michelle with youth and women’s organizations including Saving Our Daughters.

As for K. Michelle, she’ll be “…going to different shelters and allowing them to tell their story while putting on fundraisers to continue to offer support.”