The Enchanted Closet Presents CONVERSATIONS with Young Sisters

After realizing that over 85% of the metro Atlanta girls who attend the organization's programs don't have a father in the home, the Enchanted Closet was inspired to do something to help make a positive difference in their lives. Statistics show that girls fatherless girls are dramatically more vulnerable to societal ills, teen pregnancy, mental, physical and sexual abuse, aggression, poor grades/dropping out of school, suicide, crime, drug usage, and  human trafficking. 

Attorney Ashley Palmer, an Enchanted Closet Youth Empowerment Board Member and Public Defender in Clayton County, GA sees the impacts of youth growing up without a father almost daily. 

"So many of the crimes that I see as a defense attorney stem from the fact that so many of my clients' fathers were/are missing from their lives, and they are angry and know no other way to express themselves except through violence. The old adage is true, hurt people, hurt people." 

Charlton "CP the Artist" Palmer,
3rd year participant
Compounding these startling statistics, girls without fatherly influences, tend to be more insecure, have lower self-esteem, and are more likely to make harmful decisions. The Enchanted Closet developed CONVERSATIONS with Young Sisters to help reduce these statistics and to provide an opportunity for girls, living in homes with or without fathers, to speak with positive men who help them to focus on gaining greater self-esteem, a more balanced perspective, greater communication and decision making skills. The men provide advice, encouragement, and inspiration.
NBA Veteran Josh Powell

Several positive men in metropolitan Atlanta including actor/barber-Tony Parker, artist-Charlton "CP the Artist" Palmer, radio show host-Derrick Boazman, educator/ therapist/writer-Michael Frazier, entertainment executives-Torrance Hill and Paris "PK" Kirk, two-time NBA Champion Josh Powell, TJ Austin, Gregory Guy, Darrell Comer Jr. and Rufus Johnson have eagerly joined in supporting this effort to mentor girls and be father-figures for the day. 

CONVERSATIONS with Young Sisters is a free program for girls 12-19 years old and takes place on Saturday, August 17, 10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. at the Villages at Carver Family YMCA.