This Christmas, the classic tale of the red-headed orphan Annie hits theatres with ummm....a twist. Annie is black and so is her new daddy Warbucks.

You know the story, Mr. Money Bags is a wealthy politician who decides being seen with a Harlem foster kid will further his mayoral campaign. Sick of cranky Miss Hannigan, Annie is more than happy to help and offers to help him get all the way to the White House, quipping, "I bet if I moved in with you, you'd become president."

So it begins—her taste of the good life and the softening of Daddy Warbucks' jaded heart.

Annie promises heartwarming ride that will keep you laughing and boppin' along to the music, even when the requisite shady figures emerge to claim the lucrative reward being offered in the quest to find Annie's real parents.

In the remixed version of the classic musical, Cameron Diaz stars as the jaded, domineeering, yet comically snarky Miss Hannigan who runs the orphanage where Annie lives. Modern-day Annie (10-year-old Quvenzhané Wallis) won't be staying there much longer after literally running into billionaire Benjamin Stacks, played by Jamie Foxx.

And while the movie is not coming out tomorrow, you can bet your bottom dollar you will be laughing and crying (in a good way!) when it hits theaters on Christmas day.