Atlanta has a burgeoning entertainment community that has Hollywood taking notice. We know that where there is new production, there is a big need for talent and 60 Seconds to Stardom is here to help weed through the talent pool to see what or who they can find. They're hosting a showcase for talent to display themselves for the industry to see. The goal is to find up-and-coming actors and expose them to a host of directors, producers, casting directors and scouts. 

As an actor, you get one minute to perform your best one-minute monologue and network with industry executives. If you're a filmmaker, you also have the chance to submit a 2-minute (or less) trailer to be screened by industry pros. 

Hosted by Atlanta native and entertainment maven Rashan Ali, the panel will offer educational advice and an opportunity to network and be seen by industry enthusiasts. This is not an audition, but an opportunity to stretch the creative muscle. 

 60 Seconds to Stardom will be held at SAE Institute (behind Hard Rock Cafe) on Thursday, May 15 from 7 pm - to 10 pm and will cost $10 in advance and $20 at the door for admission. Click the link here to sign up for your chance at stardom.