Be of Service This Labor Day Weekend!

It is Fundraising Friday. Please give $4 or more to the Enchanted Closet to support our campaign. We've come a long way thanks to the incredible support of nearly 150 individuals and businesses (Dream Makers). Who would have thought that our Enchanting Lives $4 x 6000 Campaign would be effective? The Enchanted Closet did, because we are purpose driven and results oriented, we walk by faith and trust in the goodness of people. We have raised over $16,000 and know the same beliefs will take us to our goal of $24,000. It's all for the benefit of metro Atlanta girls and our communities. Join us in the journey of faith, become a Dream Maker by giving $4 or more. 

You can click the link in our bio

Please help spread the word. Dream Makers will be recognized at the grand opening on social media, press releases, and a marker inside will include their names.


We're in the homestretch! The HELLO Harlem summer series has made fundraising a musical experience through support and awareness of the Boys & Girls Club of Harlem.

HELLO Harlem will conclude on September 8, 2014 with a grand finale event at the La Marina (348 Dyckman St., New York, NY 10034). We've had an exciting time this summer networking in support of the cause, but it's time to finish strong and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Over the next two weeks, we are setting a goal to raise $50K (or more) so that the Boys and Girls Club of Harlem can receive the necessary resources to enhance the programs and services they provide for our kids each day.

For more details on the #HELLOHarlemNYC $50K Challenge, log on to and spread the word by telling your friends, family and sharing the details on your social networks.