Horizon Gets It Right With 'Right On!"

Do you remember going back to college for Homecoming? You get to see old friends, the campus, dorms and places where so many lessons were learned and memories made. 

Right On introduces us to Bella. Bella is a former activist who traded in her daishiki for a power suit, her afro into a tamed roller set and her black power fist for motherhood to a Harvard bound teenager with mental health issues. She takes us to homecoming where the class of '73 comes back nearly 20 years later and people have definitely changed for the better and worse. We get to see how time stands still in hurt feelings and hangups. We hear how music is the tie that binds. 

Right On is a tale of Bella and old friends who lived through a time when the black panther movement was powerful and friendship was thick as blood. Almost. 

Right On is a must see while you still can. Now playing through August 31st. Click here form more information.