OPRAH WINFREY SURPRISES IYANLA VANZANT WITH EPIC HOME MAKEOVER IN OWN SPECIAL TO AIR SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 29Nate Berkus (L), Iyanla Vanzant (Center) and Oprah Winfrey (R) in the foyer of Iyanla's newly-decorated home; Photo Credit: Photo by Bjorn Wallander

Nate Berkus, Iyanla Vanzant and Oprah Winfrey in

Iyanla's newly-decorated home; 
Photo Credit: Photo by Bjorn Wallander
Oprah Winfrey gives spiritual life coach and television host Iyanla Vanzant the surprise of a lifetime-the gift of a spectacular, one-of-a-kind complete home makeover, led by interior designer Nate Berkus. The big surprise and remarkable transformation is documented in the OWN special television event, "Oprah Prime: Iyanla I'll Fix Your House," airing on Saturday,November 29 at  8 p.m. ET/PT.  

"I never thought I would own a home again, ever.  To find this house, to love it and to now have somebody to support me in making it my home is mind boggling....thank you Ms. Oprah," said Iyanla Vanzant after hearing about Oprah's surprise.  

After a series of struggles years earlier, including a divorce and the loss of her daughter, Iyanla lost her home and returned the keys to the bank.  Rising above her misfortune and subsequently helping others to do the same, Iyanla found new success, including her award-winning OWN show.  Realizing a dream she thought was lost forever, she recently purchased a new house in Maryland, but it needed work and a floor-to-ceiling overhaul to fix some pretty major design challenges.

From the black floors and ornate chandelier in the foyer to the cranberry walls in the dining room and the misplaced kitchen island, Nate and Iyanla assess the home's many design elements that need changing. Using Iyanla's "vision book" for inspiration, the two work together (not always seeing eye-to-eye) on a master design plan for a dream home reflective of Iyanla's life and personality.  

Nate, his design team and a contractor work quickly to gut and redo all three floors of Iyanla's 7,000 square foot house, before the big reveal.  Overcoming numerous challenges and some mishaps, the team turns Iyanla's vision into a reality-a vision that includes a craft room, soap room, library, "man cave" for her boyfriend and even a prayer/meditation room.   
In an emotional unveiling, Oprah and Nate reveal to Iyanla the stunning final results of the epic makeover.  With some help from her friends, Iyanla finally has the personal sanctuary she dreamed of and has been working for all these years.