Eighteen year old wonderkid DJ Young Music is picking up 2015 where he left 2014 – on unadulterated fire. In early December, the triple threat deejay/producer/songwriter firmed up a full development deal with N.S.U.C. Entertainment Group distributed by E One Distribution that enabled him full development rights to release his label’s projects which will include music, films and soundtracks worldwide. The demand for his scorching hot single, “Right Here” (featuring Frank Benz and Da-Rai), has forced a release date of January 27th, as radio stations are moving rapidly to place it in rotation.  The single is slated for a worldwide release, by DYMG Entertainment. The track is available now for pre-order on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Music.

In December 2014, he released a mix-tape, Something For The Streets Volume 2, featuring an array of national artists that introduced “Right Here.” Given the single’s impact on the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) areas, the track was reviewed and highlighted on and subsequently placed on over 70 websites within a week. Since its release, the popular mixtape has amassed upwards of 190k views, 46k plays and 10,000 downloads on a worldwide major mixtape platform that regularly services the hottest mixtapes in the universe.

The single and forthcoming album (untitled) is a priority project for N.S.U.C. Entertainment and E One Distribution. The overall potential that exists with DJ Young Music is rare, partly because of his success at such a young age and his visionary talents.  

While he fancies himself as “the next Diddy” for his ability to cultivate talent, music and lifestyle, entrepreneur with his own independent label, DJ Young Music is as grounded as teenagers come. His philanthropic efforts to develop talent have already begun with frequent visits to schools and won’t end soon, as he’s set to participate in the nationally recognized Should Could Dream Tour sponsored by REVOLT TV, and in his hometown, co-sponsored by WPGC Radio.  

“His discipline and knowledge of the business at such an early age and how he could make a difference developing new artists, was what intrigued us,” said industry veteran and N.S.U.C. President Ed Strickland. “This is a development deal that will lend full support of the E One sales marketing team backing his platform.”

At 12 years old, DJ Young Music decided he wanted to be a producer/DJ and emptied his piggy bank to purchase Technics SL-1200 turntables. By the time he was 16, the fearless pubescent DJ was touring with Grammy Award nominee, Ginuwine, and to date is his official tour DJ; a platform that helped prepare him for a tour with R&B trio TGT (Tyrese, Ginuwine, Tank).

“At the end of the day, my whole thing is to take what I build and give back,” he said. “I want to help other kids who have talent and help them achieve their dreams.”

DJ Young Music’s parents have played an active role in his life and his 4.0 GPA is a testament to their dedication. Even as he prepares to align himself with Diddy during his second appearance on REVOLT TV again this year, he knows he’ll have to make first period in school once the party is over.