Snoop Dogg to Guest on Fox’s ‘Empire’ as Himself announced Fox new Hip-Hop-Era and runaway drama 'Empire' is surely still reeling from the biggest ratings in YEARS! 

Fans gave its approval via social media and its two thumbs up! 

Now that the show has the greenlight from fans, Empire is about to kick it up a knotch with the Hip Hops most famous uncle....SNOOP DOGG
Fox has just closed a deal with Snoop Dogg  to play himself. Uncle Snoop will be appearing on Episode 11, which will air in late February or early March.

Snoop Dogg joins the hip-hop soap opera while simultaneously working on a new album, “Bush,” which is executive produced by Pharrell Williams. “Bush” is Snoop’s first full length, studio release for Columbia Records; it will come out both digitally and physically in Spring 2015. Perfect timing.