Grey's Fans: Do You Care If Jackson and April Break Up? The Damzel Says Bye April!

Grey's Anatomy Deceased Characters: April and Jacksons Baby

OK, if you are a Grey's fan like me (been watching since episode 1; season 1), then you've seen Avery and this girl April go through it. Now, I'm stepping out of my role of being a non-partial blogger to give my personal opinion....

April, if you leave and go to fight the good fight in medicine then don't come back. We'll be more than happy to have Jackson cite his marriage as 'abandoned'! We'll get him a quickie divorce or an annulment so he can be on his way. He is way to sexy a doctor to be messing around with you. He should be having steamy on-call room sex and elevating to the top of his game in medicine but he's been whining and pining away for your ditzy red-head butt. 

Jackson, there is a new school of interns to slay next season and other attendings waiting in the wings for a good fling. Say bye-bye to April. We're not going to cry for this.