Movie Review: CREED

Creed (2015) PosterThis weekend was a huge movie weekend. I had the chance to see CREED! I've been waiting on this movie to come out for months. So when you're a young boxer by the name of Adonis Thomas / Creed (Michael B. Jordan) and you have Rocky Marciano (Sylvester Stalone) as your trainer there has to be something really special about you. Right?

Adonis was the illegitimate child of Apollo Creed who was married when his son was conceived. Apollo died before his son was born and the birth mother died when Adonis was just a small child. After a dysfunctional tour of foster homes and juvenile detention centers, the reset button was pressed when Apollo's widow Mary Ann Creed (played by Phylicia Rashaad) intervened.

Taken in by Mary Ann, Adonis was educated and loved by his new 'ma' and though he worked a great job and was upwardly mobile with a good career, Adonis boxed underground and couldn't resist the urge to live in his fathers' legacy. He eventually left it all in California and went to Philly to meet the man who could change it all, Rocky!

CREED is an emotional, stand-up and cheer kind of movie. I cried, laughed out loud, cringed and shadow-boxed during this movie. I would pay full price to see it again before leaving the theater and will add it to my movie collection.

See, the trailer:

CREED is a great movie and with Tessa Thomas as the love interest, it's a TKO. I'm not sure if there will be a follow-up to this movie but I can't imagine that there wouldn't be.

I don't do stars or thumbs, but if I did it would be 5 stars and a thumbs up for CREED.