Tis the Season for Giving....Enchanted Fairy Style!

Rosalyn Fairley, Brittany Wesner, Bonita Johnson, Brittany's mom

Enchanted Closet knows blessing come from everywhere and just out of nowhere! So its always a welcome surprise when the phone rings or an email pops up in the in-box offering a donation. So when Brittany Wesner called upon The Enchanted Closet, they were eager to receive her. 

Brittany is currently a student at Kennesaw State University in Georgia but she has also been modeling for London-based couture designer Pia Michi for over two years. The designer had been in Atlanta featuring their designs and at the end of their trip, they entrusted their model, Brittany Wesner with selecting a charitable organization to receive their dresses, fixtures, and other showroom items. She ultimately concluded that the Enchanted Closet was the best fit.

The Atlanta-based charity has experienced some challenging times this year, but enchanted fairies like Brittany really help to brighten them.
"I chose the Enchanted Closet because I know how much work and money goes into preparing for prom. Plus, I had trouble getting a prom dress when I was in high school, so I had to take on more hours at my job to afford my prom dress. I was encouraged by Enchanted Closet's message of giving physically, mentally, and emotionally to outfit to young girls." says Brittany.

Bonita Johnson, CEO of the Enchanted Closet offered her sentiments by simply saying, "The Enchanted Closet is blessed to have the amazing support of  Brittany and Pia Michi. Many metro Atlanta girls will be made happy through their generosity. We are so grateful for the continual encouragement, support, and recognition we receive from individuals and businesses throughout the world."

To lend your support to the Enchanted Closet, please send your sentiments and offer letters to info@enchangtedcloset.org or call 404-221-3498. Please also give today here!