Horizon Theatre Scores Big with Sex With Strangers

Horizon Theatre Company 

I had an opportunity to visit Horizon Theatre to see the stage play Sex With Strangers with a good friend who was not into live theater. This isn't something I normally do. I'd prefer to go alone or with someone who can appreciate the in-your-face freshness of being in the moment of live characterization. But I broke from the norm and so we went. 

The first scene we meet Olivia and Ethan, two writers who have a first degree of separation through a mutual friend. Both are aware of each others' work and we see a rather awkward personal introduction. As I sit and watch, my guest is squirming. 

Quickly the two characters have pressed fast forward on the intro and are in full flirt mode and then the clothes come off! End of scene and my guest is leaning in! 

From the eyes and ears of a live theater virgin, Sex With Strangers is a winner. I loved it too! 

Throughout this two-person show evolves a relationship that the audience can be heard disapproving of while the ongoing sex is what everyone clearly agrees with. Why not just leave it at that? Because there is a story to be told of a writer who lost her zest for allowing public consumption of her work and a bad-boy who tries to stop living his work for public consumption but the money and fame has a strong hold on him. 

Sex With Strangers is funny, sexy, intelligent and bold. Both my guest and I give it major thumbs up! Sex with Strangers can be seen now through May 1st! Go here to get dates, times and ticketing information.

Coming soon, Horizon Theatre has a lineup that'll satisfy all palates!